CaliBowl Ultimate Mixing Bowl Set, 1-20oz, 1-40oz, 1-95oz-White Review

CaliBowl Ultimate Mixing Bowl Set, 1-20oz, 1-40oz, 1-95oz-White

The CaliBowl was designed in California and born in the surf! It’s a bowl that has a patent pending revolutionary lip around the top. It’s designed at an angle which pushes food onto your utensil avoiding any spillage and overflows. Like a wave in the ocean the lip pitches the food onto your desired utensil/chip or any eating medium. Whether its chips & salsa or any other type of food the versatility of the CaliBowl lends itself to endless applications. As the contents are forced to the side of the CaliBowl, the enhancement causes a gradual wave like recirculation back toward the CaliBowl’s center obtaining a “no spill” result. Whether you are using a chip, a spoon, chop sticks, your hand, or any other utensil the CaliBowl not only prevents the contents from spilling, but effortlessly guides the contents back toward the utensil making eating, mixing, feeding, cooking, whipping, and scooping more fun and exciting! The Big Sur stack consists of 3 white multi sized plastic mixing bowls with the CaliBowl no-spill lip: 12, 5, 3 cup sizes. The multiple sizes accomodate a variety of kitchen and tabletop functions. They nest neatly inside one another for an easy storage solution. The bowls are made of food grade Polypropylene, making them exceptionally durable and shatterproof, and feature a non skid base. They are microwavable and top rack dishwasher safe and the sleek design makes for easy cleaning. They are BPA free and manufactured using partially recycled material.

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